10 Website Performance Indicators You Should Monitor

Your website is the face of your business. Good performance therefore is essential as visitors expect a fast, good looking and easy-to-use service. The selection of the “right” performance indicators for your website is a challenge. On the one hand, you do want to be updated about every potential issue with your website; on the other hand, a flood of warnings about minor problems can block the […]

Small Business and the Cloud: Why and When to Make the Switch

Being a small-business owner is incredibly difficult.  Delivering for customers is the number one priority, however battling with outdated technology, high operational costs and poor collaboration tools make this a struggle. These challenges place a burden placed on the shoulders of small-business owner’s that can lead to losing focus on the key function of the business, resulting in the majority of effort being spent worrying […]

Time To Get Serious About IT Cost Recovery

As more organisations move their IT systems into the Cloud, the opportunity exists for IT departments (which have traditionally been considered cost centres and not profit centres) to recover some of their costs, and at the same time introduce into other parts of the business an understanding of the cost of IT and the value it provides. The aim of IT cost recovery, or chargeback, […]

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