In 2013 the NSW government mandated that all agencies move into the NSW Government Data Centres (GovDC) by August 2017 and this has mainly been achieved, whether as a “lift and shift”, with an IaaS provider or as a move to GovConnect.  This directive was followed up in 2015 with the issue of DFSI 2015-04 NSW Government Cloud Policy, which in part directed that agencies evaluate cloud-based services for future ICT purchases.  Effectively this means that whether you are in GovDC or not, your migration to the cloud is not complete.

Riteway Solutions Group has been working with NSW Government agencies since mid-2013 to support them in their migration to GovDC and this support continues as agencies look to move from ‘on-premise’ equipment in GovDC to a fully cloud based solution.

We have developed a proven and repeatable model for the Discovery, Migration Assessment and Migration Management phases of your shift to a new infrastructure solution.  Working with agencies, we have completed discovery, design, vendor selection, migration and transformation activities as part of numerous moves to GovDC, as well as collaborating with a number of private sector businesses to facilitate their shifts to public cloud solutions.

Our team are experienced in the capability provided by the Managed Services Backbone and the Service Provider Market Place and have worked closely with the DFSI GovDC team during a number of migrations.  We are an approved GovDC Marketplace Service Provider and continue to supply a range of services to NSW Government agencies as they transition their IT infrastructure.

Extract from DFSI-2016-01 – Data Centre Reform circular.

Extract from DFSI-2015-04 – Government Cloud Policy circular.



The first part of planning your data centre upgrade should be to complete an independent discovery of your current infrastructure to ensure the capability you require is available.

Migration Assessment

A migration assessment is a high-level view of your current data centre infrastructure, the options available within GovDC and an estimate of the cost and effort to complete your move or upgrade.

Migration Management

Moving or upgrading your data centre can have a major impact on staff trying to complete their existing role.  Our team are experts at working with agency staff to jointly complete GovDC projects.

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