Discovery is a challenging process in every data centre migration or upgrade but it remains one of the most critical as well.  In fact without it, the planning and design of your future Data Centre risks not meeting your business needs.

One of the biggest challenges faced during discovery is understanding what data to collect and how much effort to spend collecting it.  Organisations face the issue of either missing critical information or wasting huge amounts of time getting too much data, time that is normally required by your team to complete their normal daily activities.  Sponsors of data centre projects are recognising the need to produce an independent discovery review of all infrastructure, that can be used to form the basis of the new data centre design.

We have built a discovery process that captures all the information needed to commence your data centre planning and design activities and at the same time allows for more information to be added, once it becomes available. This process applies to all forms of data centre migrations and upgrades, from on-premise to cloud, between cloud environments, or as part of your initial move to GovDC

Our process involves the following activities:

  • Review of existing infrastructure documentation
  • Interviewing members of IT team
  • Distributing and collecting surveys from selected personnel
  • Performing an audit of current infrastructure
  • Conducting a data collection workshop with selected personnel
  • Performing electronic data collection with appropriate tools


Once we have completed the information capture, we produce a detailed and consolidated report that focuses on the current state of your infrastructure, as well as identifying any gaps that need to be closed before migrating or upgrading.

Our detailed discovery process is the perfect place to begin planning your GovDC migration or upgrade.


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