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The critical success factor in any Data Centre Migration is being able to complete the move without any business impact. On the surface this might appear to be a fairly straightforward outcome for a fairly simple project, particularly if you are focused only on servers and infrastructure.   After all, it cannot be that hard to move a number of servers and some storage devices from one location to another can it?  If they are not needed during the migration, it may be reasonably simple, however if IT are expected to maintain full functionality and availability of critical business services, then a Data Centre Migration is like replacing an airplane engine while it is in use.

No matter what the triggers are for your decision to move your Data Centre, whether it is the end-of-life of your current infrastructure,  the expiration of a lease on existing data centre premises or a change in IT strategy,  migrating to a new Data Centre can provide challenges for any organisation.

Our Data Centre Migration approach is to work collaboratively with your management and technical teams to understand what exists today, where you want to be and to develop a transformation path to reach that goal.  We look beyond a simple “lift and shift” migration and into the feasibility of transformation.  Whether that means moving to an cloud model, entering into a co-location arrangement or maintaining an on-premise Data Centre,  our experienced team bring industry best experience to each engagement.

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