A healthy IT system is of paramount importance to most businesses and yet IT management continually struggle to get the funds necessary to provide the upkeep and maintenance required to keep IT systems available.  In fact the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is one heard by many IT leaders when they seeking funding for maintenance and upgrades.

As an IT manager, can you answer these questions:

  • Are we getting value for money from our systems and infrastructure?
  • Are our IT functions the best they can be?
  • Do we have the right type of people and the right number of people to support the business?
  • Are our applications the most appropriate for our users?
  • Do we deliver our IT projects on time and within budget?
  • Do have secure systems and are we managing that risk?
  • Do we have DR and business continuity plans in place?
  • Are all of our systems performing well and do we actually have measures in place to make sure they continue to do so?


Our IT Health Check service goes a long way to providing the answers to these questions.  It is a 5 step approach that analyses how effective and efficient your IT department is and recommends areas of improvement that can make your IT systems more reliable and robust.

Step 1 contains very standard project initiation activities where we confirm the deliverables, the scope, the systems and the applications and produce a project initiation brief.

Step 2 involves our team reviewing and assessing any current IT plans and roadmaps, including a review of your existing IT strategy and we compare that to your business strategy and look at the management of your IT environment and your staffing levels and skills.  In most cases we will look at recent and current IT budgets and will look in detail at your current infrastructure, applications, and network, as well as how you manage and deliver your IT projects.

Step 3 is where we complete a gap analysis against best practice, your competitors and industry standards and discuss with you some of the risks and issues we have found.

Step 4  results in the production of a detailed report that contains recommendations for improvement, estimated costs and execution plans for the key recommendations as well as an overall roadmap outlining  a deployment sequence for these changes.

Step 5 is the final phase and during this phase we hand over our findings in detail to your team and obtain acceptance of the work completed.

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