Buying products and services is one of the largest components of IT spend and will always be a target for cost reduction opportunities.

Vendors and Service Providers understand this is your goal however helping you achieve this is not often their first priority.  In fact, unless you have a dedicated procurement team experienced in the sourcing of IT solutions, you are at risk of falling victim to the methods used by suppliers to ensure their own profitability.

Protecting your investment during the sourcing of IT requires an increasing level of management involvement, especially as the complexity of IT purchasing increases and as organisations increasingly look external providers for more and more of their IT needs.  There is significant difference in the skills needed to successfully procure hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and services, application development services or any of the range of cloud offerings available today.

Our Procurement Management service can turn a once mundane process into winning situation that can provide substantial improvements in efficiency, performance and cost management.

We have developed a flexible process with which we are able to handle all aspects of your procurement including requirements documentation, vendor selection through a formal or informal  RFx process, as well as contract negotiations.  Our team will integrate our experience with your current procurement processes to provide you with the outcome that you need.

Our service is built on a repeatable framework that consists of  3 steps which are completed each time an IT product or service is purchased:

  • Requirements detailing which documents the specific requirements, specifications and approvals necessary to proceed with the procurement.
  • Sourcing which involves evaluating and selecting appropriate suppliers and carrying out the procurement of the required products and services.
  • Fulfilment during which the process of managing and coordinating all the activities involved in fulfilling the contract requirements are completed


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