Small Business and the Cloud: Why and When to Make the Switch

Being a small-business owner is incredibly difficult.  Delivering for customers is the number one priority, however battling with outdated technology, high operational costs and poor collaboration tools make this a struggle.

These challenges place a burden placed on the shoulders of small-business owner’s that can lead to losing focus on the key function of the business, resulting in the majority of effort being spent worrying about just getting by each day.

How do you remove these worries?  The solution to outdated technology is to upgrade to the latest and greatest software, yet that introduces the issue of increasing your operational costs.  It is a similar story when trying to improve collaboration – it means increasing expenses.  And of course reducing IT spend more often has the opposite effect and makes the situation worse.

The answer to these problems lies in the cloud.

Cloud computing has been developing rapidly over the past 20 years, revolutionising the way businesses can be managed.  Small businesses can now run with software and other services that are designed to suit them, at a price that reflects only what they use.  No longer do small and medium businesses need to pay large corporate prices for the same services.

Cloud based software (apps) provide the functionality of larger, more complex systems at a fraction of the cost.  From human resources to marketing to accounting and sales, the opportunities for businesses to use cloud apps for key business functions is increasing all the time and because they are all internet accessible and browser based, they can be used anywhere, anytime.  This gives the small-business owner more time to focus on the more critical areas of their business.

Communication between team members whether on the same document, in a meeting or on a project is also much simpler with a cloud based system. As long as the user has an internet connection from an appropriate device they can be mobile as much as needed and still be in contact when required.

The best time to move any business to a cloud based solution is now.  Savings can be made immediately, and can have an instant and positive impact on the bottom line of business.  Small businesses will gain substantially from accessing world-class, leading software at a bargain price.

Taking advantage of the opportunities provided through cloud computing will be a boost for any small business, and the sooner you do, the sooner your business will prosper.


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